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Thank you for visiting my page, please make yourself at home 🙂  I write fantasy novels about the Earth, wizards, and true love.

Currently working on the third book and fourth books in my series as well as a  debut novel.

The first book in my Hidden World of Wysteria Series, The Paperback Writer of Central Park.


Book Blurb:

Book One in The Hidden World of Wysteria Series

Elizabeth is homeless in New York City, sleeping in hostels when she can and barely surviving. Writing her novel keeps her going, and when it is published her life changes forever. Along with her Brit Punk friend Sarah, she starts a writer’s group for other indie writers. It is in that group that she meets River, a New Age hippie in whom she finds true love and a kindred spirit. The couple face both joy and tragedy in the city that never sleeps, before moving to a cottage in Mystic Connecticut to start a new life together. It is behind a bookcase in their attic that they discover the hidden world of Wysteria.

Raving Reviews

“I just finished Stella Brians’s first novel in her Wysteria series and loved it! As a former English teacher, it has all the elements of a solid fiction work, and is a touching one, too. I really liked how the Cat Stevens, thrift store loving, cassette playing, notebook writing main character Elizabeth Stutton gives you an intimate look into the next chapter of her New York City life as she surprisingly discovers its purpose goes beyond that of her successful writing. There’s the excitement of New York City itself, interesting and realistic characters, thought provoking conversations, and unexpected challenges that get your heart racing along with vivid trips to Central Park, a portal to a mysterious willowy dimension, and external and internal conflicts that Elizabeth has to work through that made it hard to put the book down.

The setting takes place mostly on the upper west side of Manhattan and Mystic Connecticut in the early 1990s: The days of when most of us never had a cell phone; AOL, Prodigy, and Netscape were just about to launch; There were payphones on every block; The number 9 train stopped at 110th street and most of Broadway; Guilliani was determined to clean up all the crack infestation and the Clintons were about to enter the White House while Nirvana changed the music scene.

Elizabeth, a young lady in her early 20s from Connecticut, moved to Manhattan in the mid 1980s but tells her story from the start of the fall of 1990 where she loves to work on her book in Central Park near the Alice and Wonderland statues which is soon published and gains her notoriety in the independent writers circle. This financial gain allows her to move into an apartment near west 110th street after staying in her favorite, a popular and cheap way to visit New York City especially by many Europeans and recent college grads exploring the world. There she meets Sarah from England who becomes a solid friend the entire book. Then, Elizabeth’s life transformation begins with starting a writers club called the Paper Back Writers of Central Park (PWCP). A diverse group of fellow writers join and make for a colorful bunch of people only to be found in a place like New York. What makes Elizabeth stand out the entire novel is that she is very observant to how others feel and makes note of it through her new life’s journey. She loves rain days more than sunny ones and cares about deeper purposes in life, not just materials ones. She meets the poetic motorcycle-riding River, the love of her life, who joins the PWCP. They both share many wonderful and challenging experiences together, which tests the strength of their love and confirms that it is true and genuine. Elizabeth is very open about her pagan spiritually and soon it brings forth visits from the Horned God and communication with the Universe while in Central Park to speak with the trees—very magical moments. Her love of nature, especially willow trees, is palpable as she celebrates Ostara with River, a pagan spring holiday.

With funds from her book advance running low, she takes the risk and opens up her own used bookshop and with the help of some of the members in the PWCP it becomes popular and a place for other independent writers to be exposed to the community. Elizabeth is well read and without being snobbish brings up classics and important literature throughout the story. She also loves some great music from pioneers such as The Sex Pistols, The Beatles, and Iron Maiden bringing. River’s love for Elizabeth is so strong he asks her to marry him and they have the ceremony in a beautiful rose park in Mystic, CT where Elizabeth visited many times as a child. There the plot takes a new turn and mysterious things start to happen soon after they move into the iconic New England town: The door to the forever autumn Wysteria, a hidden gray and misty dimension gothic world, opens up and their lives are forever changed when the meet the hoary wizard Zeferaus and his devoted cat, Dathatel; what they thought about reality was not as it seemed. They discover that forces of nature beyond our control are guiding them by their memories and influencing others around them to move them into a position of taking care and protecting the unknown Wysteria–but for how long? Does someone close discover their secret?

Elizabeth wrestles with true love before she meets River and learns that some people’s addictions can lead to their death. Throughout the plot her intentions are sincere to her friends, society, and only exerts goodness from her heart to all people whether they are homeless or rich. This trait is noticed and made know toher by the Universe, which is a challenge for many in a big and sometimes dangerous city.

I would say if you like the coming into one’s own and the adventurous nature of The Cather in the Rye without the bitterness but filled with good moments of love and excitement like jumping from one subway train to the next then you’ll love The Paperback Writer of Central Park. Get to your favorite and comfy spot and cozy up with this enriching beautiful feel good adventure that will have you wanting the next book in the series, which I can’t wait to read next.”

~~Dylan Maulucci


“I thoroughly enjoyed The Paperback Writer Of Central Park. It is a very well written story that will pull you into the feel of New York and an Indie Writers life. Elizabeth and River are down to earth green living souls who fall in love with each other. River helps Elizabeth believe in herself as they also deal with the assortment of friends they make along the way.

The writer Stella Brians does a great job of coloring the scenes with vivid descriptions and realistic experiences.
The characters are interesting and I was curious to find out more about them as I read on.
I felt like I was there with Elizabeth and River walking through their adventures. This is a great read and a charming story. I think Stella will deliver the same good reading with her next book.”

~~Frances Laskowski



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Wysteria: Book two in my Hidden World of Wysteria Series


Book Blurb:

Book Two in The Hidden World of Wysteria Series

Life changes forever for Milo when a talking cat with indigo colored fur shows up on his doorstep. Not only does Rowan have telekinesis, but there is almost nothing that he cannot do. Milo and his bookstore clerk girlfriend Lorna are transported to another world in dreams, and discover a lighthouse that is meant just for them. This secret world becomes their private solace together, away from a one that they do not relate to. In order to live there forever they pass over and become part of Wysteria, a place which welcomes their unique hearts and old souls. They befriend Zeferaus the wizard, an enormous flying cat, and others who understand them. Together they explore the innermost feelings of their souls, and end up saving Wysteria from a demon.

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