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The Forgotten Rose of New England, a Poem by Stella Brians

The Forgotten Rose of New England

a poem by Stella Brians



Footpath through the forest


Trees nestled in a corner of the universe
to spread their wings and grow
They were willows, oaks, and pines
New England trees
Watchful of the souls loved by the universe
Through the trees, rain falls as it does every day
Cool air surrounds this beautiful , esoteric land

Old castles and sprawling Victorians lay undisturbed by time
In the town of The Rose, there is only here and now
Forever and ever, its own Nirvana

The forgotten Rose lies hidden in a Mystic Cottage
And behind a door in a very lost garden that
Only the finest souls may open.
The dearest of heart and purest of intention will ever and only
Experience the beauty of the Rose

They will have all the time in the universe
To behold the Rose’s natural beauty
Hearts stop and clocks fail to tick in the forgotten town
Of the Rose

Only the spirit may enter, taking whatever form it wishes
Never will the heart mourn, because nothing is lost within
The Rose

Here the streets unfold that their hearts always knew
Underneath the trees that watched them as children
Now soulmates they kiss, and hold hands and hearts

They were led through by the wizard
Who observes and advises
Guides and works his magic for the
God and Goddess of nature

They will remember childhood afternoons
Spent in the rain
Walking through the cemetary for a sense of solitary
Feeling the ever cool air on their skin and hair
Together with nature, apart from their dichotomy with other people


In the world of The Forgotten Rose, there are lazy quiet days
Of reading novels of fantasy, mystery, and thrilling tales of mysticism
There is always the rain, it lulls the inhabitants of this little town to sleep
And in a waking state, it creates constant peace

The very energy they felt holds their living dreamscape together
They are River and Elizabeth, the two souls destined to rule the peaceful
Land of The Forgotten Rose
The wizard walks with his ancient cat, Dathatel
As the curator of town, and all of its memories
Together, the four beings must protect and preserve this gentle world
Of forever rain and tree spirits