On “A Place I’ll Always Go,” Palehound’s Ellen Kempner Becomes Her Own Hero

Amazing band, I just pre-ordered their cassette tape :3 I am from CT like Ellen, and listening to their music reminds me of where I grew up. Thank you for bringing that back to me 🙂

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Palehound Photo by Shervin Lainez.

It’s funny that Palehound frontwoman Ellen Kempner has asked to meet for our interview in midtown Manhattan—an uninteresting business sector with chain restaurants, department stores, and high-rise office buildings—because the neighborhood is impersonal. It is very much at odds with the kind of music Kempner makes. Her first LP, 2015’s Dry Food, was not so much a breakup record as it was a record fascinated with the space created after a breakup—the pain that comes from an unfamiliar loneliness. Her strength lies in the way she’s able to paint intimate vignettes from moments in her own life. Her sophomore LP, A Place I’ll Always Go, is much warmer, but it’s still shot through with an undercurrent of loss.

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