The Young Wizard, a Poem From Wysteria (Book Two)

The Young Wizard, a Poem from Wysteria (Book Two)

Copyright 2016, Stella Brians



Once there was an old man
who had grown wise and aged gracefully.
He watched over the land,
the trees and animals were treated as his children
in another world he might have been condemned
in another time certainly
for his powers were wild and true
like his great beard.
Zeferaus The Wizard fought to protect
those he loved
but was abused by one, even banished.
The idea was to make him lose his way
all powers disintegrate
such was his purity and heart, all that
he lost was his age.
Zeferaus the fair
with his long brown hair
knowing eyes and silken skin
caused many an eye to waver
many a heart to quiver.
Charming was he
but devoted to his work
for the Universe
I only could hope that one day
true love would find him.


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