Paperback Writers, a Poem from Wysteria (Book Two)

Paperback Writers, a Poem From Wysteria (Book Two)

Copyright 2016, Stella Brians



Together, we were paperback writers,
scribbling in notebooks and typing at our desks
we wrote as foamy ocean water teased at our feet
and as milk boiled on the stove
as the sun set and rose
we wrote, to share our worlds and thoughts
with others, some of whom were out of reach
it was my hope that they would read what was on our hearts
and relate to our words.
There were others out there like us
some, but not many
kindred spirited writers who saw
the Universe as a vast and understanding friend
a comfort, and not a tyrannical leader.
Maybe others like us would find solace
In our words, while the world around them
Toiled in its own chaos of corporations
Organized religions
We were separate and free
Through our writing we encouraged others
To be
For all souls are one
And we are all children of the Universe.


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