The Paperback Writer Interviews Else Byskov About Her Own Spiritual Journey, and Book “Death Is An Illusion.”

The Paperback Writer Interviews Else Byskov About Her Own Spiritual Journey, and Book “Death Is An Illusion.”

Today, I meet with author Else Byskov about her book “Death Is An Illusion,” about the Danish Mystic Martinus and his spiritual beliefs and work.


Please tell me about Denmark in the fifties. What did it look like aesthetically, as a country, and politically? Describe your experience growing up, and feeling alienated by the church?

In Denmark in the fifties people were emerging from the trauma of WW2 and most were struggling to make a living. But Denmark was also a very peaceful and rural place, ruled by order and morals. There were no motorways, the cars were slow and there were a lot of ferries where today there are bridges. It had a nice feel to it. My parents were always very busy, so I spent a lot of time with my mother´s sister and her family. They were very Christian in a joyless way, which I disliked. I felt that the church was not for me, but in my opinion, religion and God are two very different things. I felt I could speak to God without the intermediary.

As a child, you made some very adult decisions about what to believe. New Age concepts were not well understood at this point, and you decided that reincarnation was very possible, and that God was not the hateful ruler that The Church of Denmark made him out to be. When you grew into an adult, you were an atheist for a long time. What happened internally or externally that had you make this spiritual transition?

As a child, I prayed a lot to God and I felt that we had a good contact. I remember in school, when we were taught about other religions, I wondered about why some believed in reincarnation and we did not. It sounded logical to me even then that we would have more than just one life. But then, as I grew up, my intellect took over and I started questioning the concept of God I was presented with from the church and school. It clashed with my growing intellect, and the natural consequence was that I did not believe in anything. So I became an atheist for a number of years and I did not feel a need for any belief system. At the time, there was a strong faith in the materialistic science and the general perception was that science had all the answers and was all we needed. I remained an atheist until I encountered the Martinus material.

Your book, Death Is An Illusion is about Danish mystic Martinus. It centrals around his beliefs and views of the world and afterlife. In a nutshell, please describe what they are.


Martinus´ work comprises 9000 pages of spiritual wisdom, so the nutshell must necessarily be quite big. At the age of 30 Martinus had two very profound spiritual experiences through which he reached illumination or cosmic consciousness. This meant that he was able to see beyond the physical plane into the spiritual plane where everything has its origin. Whenever he had a question, the answer came to him immediately. Based on the insight he had achieved he spent the next 60 years of his life (he died in 1981 at the age of 90) writing down his cosmology, as he called it. It is a comprehensive philosophy of life comprising both the physical and the spiritual levels of existence. Among other things, Martinus reveals the immortality of all living beings, what happens when we die, why reincarnation is a necessity, how we can shape our fate when we become knowledgeable about the law of karma and why the existence of an intelligent creator is the prerequisite for the existence of the physical world. Martinus reveals the mystery of life, from where we are coming and to where we are going, he reveals that lifeforms live inside other lifeforms and that the Earth is a living being in a living universe that is teeming with life. I am just scratching the surface here. Martinus´ work is the most comprehensive spiritual guidance ever revealed to Humankind. But in order to grasp the magnitude of his work, you have to study it. I have done so for 21 years.

In your book, you bring up a very important topic, which I would like to be brought to surface. You discuss the Materialistic World Picture. Basically, our world has reached a standstill in research and facts because we have gone as far as we can for now. Please explain to my readers what that means on a metaphysical and holistic level. What can those of us who follow such a spiritual path do from here?

I like this question because you are right: the materialistic science has reached the point where it cannot squeeze much more insight out of measuring and weighing physical matter. Doing that without taking a leap of faith into the spiritual dimension has led to a lot of technical benefits, but it has not explained the mystery of life. The scientists are standing like the illiterate in front of a very big book – the book of life. They can measure the funny black figures on the page, they can weigh the pages of the book and analyze the paper, but they cannot read the book. In order to be able to read the book of life you have to include the spiritual level. The spiritual level comes before the physical level and everything was a thought before it became a physical thing. There is no exception to this. Not in our man-made world and not in Nature. It is always thought first. So what the spiritual seekers must do is to study the spiritual masters and train their spiritual ´muscle´.

Tell us about Martinus’s early life, and how he grew as a person from being just a dairyman to becoming a mystic. 

Once you have read Martinus´ work, you are in no doubt that he was on a mission and that he was sent ´down´ here from the spiritual plane to reveal a new world picture to Humanity. Already as a young boy, he had a very close relationship to God irrespective of what he was taught in school and church. He had his own inner source of wisdom. He grew up in poverty, but that did not affect him and his needs were few and simple. He was trained as a dairyman and worked as such until his spiritual awakening at the age of 30. One day he sat down to meditate on the concept of God. He felt how he left his physical body and entered into the presence of a divine energy. This happened on two consecutive days. After this, he felt that his consciousness had been expanded and that he could see into the spiritual level from where everything stems. There was no question he could not answer; his knowledge had no boundaries. I know this sounds incredible, but once you have read his work, you know without a shadow of a doubt that here you have the ultimate truth about life, death and the mystery of both. Martinus´ revelations appeal to our intellect and they are completely logical. His work is not an object of faith. He does not ask us to believe in what he says, but simply to study his work and then go out into the world and see how everything he says is confirmed by life´s own speech.

From what I understand from your book, those who are drawn to Martinus have outgrown religion. Why then, does Martinus refer to God? For example, I do not believe in any “religion,” because I follow New Age concepts and I believe in the Universe itself rather than a God.

Obviously, no religion has exclusive rights to God. A religion is just one way of interpreting God. God exists irrespective of any religion and whether you believe in ´him´ or not. The universe is God´s body and everything exists inside that body. Whether you call God the Source, the Universe, the Almighty, the Infinite Wisdom or whatever is of no importance. God simply is.

As we evolve through our many lives, we gradually outlive our instinct borne belief in God. Our instinct simply loses ground at the expense of our growing intelligence. In part, this happens because the religions do not offer any content that appeals to our intellect. Our growing intellect means that we are no longer able to just believe because somebody tells us to. We need proof and logic. As the religions cannot deliver nourishment for our intellect and our sense of logic, but only to our feelings, then the consequence is that many people become atheists. But that is only a phase, and a good phase, because it wipes out the blackboard, so that it becomes ready for a spiritual science, i.e. a spirituality that nourishes our intellect and our sense of logic. This is what Martinus´ cosmology does.

Please explain about The Martinus Center, where it is located, and how it provides spiritual knowledge to those who are interested in the work of Martinus.

The Martinus Institute is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and its aim is to inform about his work, to translate it into other languages (at the moment it is in the process of being translated into 20+ other languages) and to keep the work unaltered for posterity. At the institute there are weekly talks about aspects of Martinus´ work, there is a bookshop and the Council for the Institute holds its meetings there.

The Martinus Centre is located at Klint, at the north of Sealand, some 100 km. from Copenhagen. Klint is right at the sea and it was founded as a place to study the work of Martinus during summers. Today it is a place where talks and workshops are held all through summer and there are two international weeks where people from all over the world come to meet and hear talks, which are translated simultaneously into many languages. See for information about the work and the two centers.

Tell us about Martinus’ travels.

Martinus spent most of his life in his study writing on his typewriter. He was exceedingly diligent. But twice he went away on long journeys. One of them was a trip to Japan to where he had been invited to speak by an organization that worked for world peace via religion. On the way from Denmark to Japan he visited India where he had a number of followers. He stayed in India for several months.

On another trip he visited Egypt and the Holy Land. When Martinus visited the pyramids in a vision he was able to see them when they were newly built. They were covered with white porcelain and looked amazing. Martinus could see that they had been built some 90.000 years ago by enlightened beings who had come down to Earth form higher realms in order to start a human population of the planet. The pyramids were built using mental forces: materialization and dematerialization. They were built for the purpose of initiation of the pharaoh and not for burial.

Martinus also traveled to Iceland on several occasions because he had many followers there. He said that the energy on Iceland is the purest on the planet.

What were Martinus’ beliefs regarding reincarnation?

Martinus did not believe in reincarnation – he KNEW that reincarnation is a fundamental principle through which the physical plane is populated with living beings. What we call life, and which science has never been able to define, is the energy field of the “I”. It is when this energy field enters the womb at conception, that embryogenesis can take place. Then a new little living being can enter the physical plane. This would be impossible without the energy field of the incoming “I” or soul. Once the physical body has become useless through injuries or old age, then the energy field of the “I” pulls out and leaves the body, which then becomes a corpse. All living beings reincarnate: atoms, molecules, cells, plants, animals and humans. No life form would be alive today on the planet without reincarnation.

Please explain in detail about “The Third Testament,” that Martinus wrote?

Martinus spent most of his life writing, so his production is huge. When he was in his seventies, he received a very strong impulse from the Divine Level saying that his work, all of his writings, should be called ´The Third Testament´. It is a sequel to the New Testament and its ´arrival´ had already been predicted by Jesus, when he told his disciples that he had much more to tell them, but that they could not bear (understand) it now. Jesus then said that the Father would send a ´spokesman´, the Holy Spirit, which would then lead humanity to the whole truth. The mission of Martinus is a direct continuation of the mission of Jesus, and throughout his work, Martinus explains many of the things Jesus said. The work of Martinus is ´the second coming´. It is the work that is important, not the person. The revelation of the whole truth would have to wait until the humans had evolved sufficiently both intellectually and mentally to be able to understand it. That moment in time is now.

What are your beliefs regarding “Life After Death?”

I am completely convinced that there is life after death. Death Is an Illusion. What we perceive as death is just an exchange of bodies. When our consciousness or “I” leaves the physical body, it is carried by one of our spiritual bodies, in fact by the body of emotion, and we are exactly the same without the physical body as we were with it. Our primary existence is in our spiritual body. We always have our spiritual body, both when we are incarnated in physical matter and when we are discarnated. We are eternal beings on a never-ending journey through physical and spiritual realms in a universe where the basic tone is love.

How long did it take you to write Death is an Illusion?

It took about 6 months. I think it was somehow ´downloaded´ to me, because it was so easy. I just sat down at my computer and the words flowed.

Please tell us about your hiking, and other hobbies that you enjoy.

I am a passionate hiker and I am so fortunate to live in Andalucía in Southern Spain, where the possibilities for hiking are inexhaustible. Andalucía has 24 natural parks and lots of mountains and untouched nature. I have written 3 hiking books about Andalucía and I never stop finding new routes and exciting new places. This area is a cornucopia of possibilities for hiking. I simply love it.

I have been a vegetarian for 16 years and I love cooking, so I have also written a vegetarian cookbook. It is in the process of being translated into English.

What would you like to say to young people about spirituality and their own journey?

I would say: know that death is an illusion and that you reap as you sow. Know that you are primarily a spiritual being and that your spiritual journey towards becoming an all-loving being is the most important. It does not matter how many likes you have on Facebook or how thin or fat you are, if you have the right friends and are popular. The most important aspect of your life is to develop your humanitarian ´muscle´ and be loving towards others. We reincarnate on the physical plane in order to continue our spiritual journey towards becoming Man in the Image and likeness of God. Know that!

Is there any comfort you can bring to us regarding death? Based on your research, what are we to expect?

There is no death! When we pass over, we shall enter a wonderful realm of light thought-energy and we shall go to a wavelength that corresponds to the most developed part of our psyche. The killer will go to a wavelength, which is full of other killers and the warmhearted, kind and loving person will go to a wavelength where there are like-minded beings. It is while we are incarnated in a physical body that we can work on our mix of thoughts and try to improve it. This will take us to a better ´seat´ on the other side of death. Then after a number of years, we shall again be ready to reincarnate and we then continue our development from where we ´let off´ the last time we ´died´. There is no reason whatsoever to fear death, which can be seen as a holiday away from the heavy, physical plane.

Apart from Death Is an Illusion, which was published in 2002, I have written 4 more books about the Martinus material. Please visit my website to see all my books and learn more about Martinus.

It was a pleasure to interview you, Else. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me.

Learn More About Else Byskov


Else Byskov Bio

   Else Byskov is a top authority on Martinus (1890-1981), the Danish philosopher, visionary and mystic.

    In 1995 Else became acquainted with the Martinus material, and she got so excited that she had to tell somebody about it, because here she found logical answers to all her questions about life, death and the mystery of both. To date she has written 5 books about aspects of Martinus´ world view: “Death Is an Illusion” (a general introduction to Martinus´ fantastic world picture), “The Art of Attraction” (about the law of attraction, including totally unknown aspects of the law), “The Undiscovered Country – A Non-religious Look at Life after Death” (presenting all the evidence for life after death), “The Beginning Is Near” (previously called “Ten Great Ways to Understand the World”) (a short introduction to the Martinus material in 10 easy steps) and “The Downfall of Marriage – The great transformation of our sexual and marital relations” (an explanation of the transformation of our sexual poles).
     Today Else is fully convinced that there is no death: death is an illusion. All her books present the logical basis for this claim.
     Else was born in Denmark. She has university degrees in Spanish and English philology and she mostly writes in English. Four of her books have been published in Danish, one in German and one in Spanish.

     Else is also a passionate hiker and she has written 3 hiking books in Danish. She has lived in Andalucía (Southern Spain) since 1990. Andalucía is an Eldorado for hikers with huge areas of wild, untouched nature. One of her hiking books has been published in English with the title “On Foot in Andalucía”. It is an Amazon bestseller in its category.

      Else has been a vegetarian for 16 years. She has written a vegetarian cookbook in Danish, which is in the process of being prepared for publication in English.
     Her websites: (hiking) (in four languages)

Where to Purchase “Death Is An Illusion,” And Her Other Books

Else’s Spirtual Blog



  1. Winston Finlay · December 6, 2016

    What a wonderful lady Else is ! I have had the recent honour of exchanging a few emails with Else and I am spellbound by this body of work from Martinus which Else is gently and respectfully bringing to the public eye . Over the past few years I have been surfing the internet in search of spiritual guidance and life meaning and there is plenty ‘out there’ to digest! However, one simple email link to the question of the afterlife led me to this book “Death is an Illusion”. WOW ! Everything I have been ‘researching’ is covered by Martinus. Not just ‘specialized areas’ that most internet contributors tend to offer ( along with endless affiliate links !). EVERYTHING we need to know about our existence is in this worldview and I urge you, the reader, to begin your introduction to Martinus by reading this book ” Death is an Illusion” by Else Byskov. It is transforming and inspiring. It gives clarity and hope where they didn’t previously exist. This book will, in time, become a multi-million best seller.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Paperback Writer · December 6, 2016

      Thank you for reading the interview! It was a delight to work on this with Else 🙂 I very much enjoyed learning about Martinus and his work. My hope is that others find it just as fascinating as I do!


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