Epilogue of The Mansion in The Mountains by Stella Brians

The Mansion in The Mountains

Written by Stella Brians




The three of them drove back to the upstate New York retreat with their clothes and most important belongings in the trunk. Eloise and Vincent took their pets, including Vincent’s owl Clover who was uncomfortable cramped in his cage and took to hooing angrily after awhile. It couldn’t be helped of course. Vincent had decided to come with them because he didn’t want to lose Eloise as a friend due to distance, and unbeknownst to him he was becoming friends with Leon. It took them two weeks to the day to reach the retreat, all three of them taking turns driving.


Eli was of course, surprised to see Leon, Eloise, and the newcomer on his doorstep at four in the morning. Regardless, the three of them made their home in the retreat including Vincent who found the place even more spiritually fulfilling than being alone at his mansion. In time, he came to teach classes on meditation and Buddhism. The retreat flourished once again, and within a few months of their return people flocked to enrich themselves spiritually. Sometimes Vincent missed the privacy of being on his own, but he found that even more than that he liked making a difference. Vincent fell in love again, and married a young woman that came to the shelter who loved his class. She too loved animals, old movies, and helping others.


Eloise and Vincent were married in a handfasting ceremony a few weeks after their arrival, by Eli. Soon afterward, they built a small house on the property behind the retreat to make a life together while working at the retreat. When times were lean, they would work part time down in the village. The two would prove to have a very happy marriage, and Eloise gave birth to a son three years later. They named him Max because that was the only name they could agree on.
Throughout the course of their lives, they continued their search for Lyle….

The End


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