The Paperback Writer Celebrates Halloween


Clint and I made our first apple pie, which came out beyond amazing. Originally, I wanted to make Ginger Pie for Halloween (also, Harold and Maude day) but  apple worked out much better.

Here is the end result. I added extra sugar and cinnamon.


Here is my Harold and Maude decorated pumpkin (the illustration is not mine.) We ended up not having any trick or treaters :/


I was a cat this year (as most years) and I have a Jack Skellington shirt on.


Indeed, we watched Harold and Maude–and it was wonderful as always. There is something about Harold that I have always really loved and responded to.



This film offers so much insight and wisdom on life as it should truly be lived. It still offers me solace.

I have had a wonderful Halloween, and I would like to wish all of you the very same.


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