Harold and Maude Ginger Pie Recipe


Harold and Maude has been my favorite movie since I was seventeen. I completely related to Harold’s lonely, creative personality, and hoped that when I was old I would be as free as Maude. Harold and Maude is the story of a socially alienated young man, and a vivacious eighty year old woman who is in love with life. Everything excited her, and she possessed such a livelihood that growing old seemed better than being young. She and Harold fall in love, and she teaches him joy–without religion, expectations, or materialism.

In one scene of Harold and Maude, they meet for tea in her little train car she calls home. They drink oat straw tea, and partake in ginger pie.

I have found the recipe for ginger pie, and it seems super simple to make. This will be my baking conquest for Halloween. The link is below:



Harold and Maude Trailer:



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