Deerskin, A Book Review by The Paperback Writer

Deerskin by Robin McKinley–a Book Review by The Paperback Writer


Initially I was very excited to read this book, and was at once taken with the sweeping way that Robin has with telling a story. As time wore on, and I traveled alongside Lissar and Ash through their ordeal I became frustrated and bored. As artists and writers are told; when the piece is complete you must stop. Unfortunately this story  repeated itself and dragged on much farther than it needed to. In the kindest of ways, I would like to suggest to Ms. McKinley that she kill her darlings. I did like the characters, even Ash the dog and I am not readily fond of most dogs. I quite adored Prince Ossen, and found him to be a heartthrob in his sweet and down to earth personality–think Pierre Bezukhov.  I believe that a great story can still be rescued from this mess, if the author was willing to edit it a bit.

Deerskin is an adult fairy tale about a woman who is raped and badly injured by her father. Together, she and her dog survive through the unthinkable. Later on, she travels very far to another kingdom and meets Prince Ossen…and rescues a litter of puppies “sighthounds.” Despite her emotional and physical damages, things turn out well for her and she ends up with the prince, although I wish the author made the ending more romantic.


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