Finding inspiration, and Keeping It


For some writers, seeking inspiration is like catching a shooting star. It either comes or it does not, or it is found. Others like myself who are quiet and withdrawn have much going on that is not said, and from that forms stories and characters. Writers of all kinds have something in common; an innate need to tell stories and to share their human experience with others. All do it differently, some are more honest while many tell of their experiences by way of fantasy worlds and demons.

I write whenever I can, which is usually a great deal because I work part time selling cards and gifts. Part of how I find inspiration is to maintain it by writing at least two pages a day unless there are circumstances out of my control that does not allow for writing time. Starting and then stopping for more than a few days can prove as lethal for your story, so don’t do it!

My brother brought up an interesting point the other day. I sketch some of my scenes–it really does wonders for my creative flow. He suggested that while I am sketching the scene I have written to reflect upon that scene. How can I make it better, and what did I like about it–are two extremely productive questions to consider while doing this.

One last thing that I find helpful; create the atmosphere you are writing about as closely as you can. Listen to music derivative from that world/country/era. If you are writing about Seattle or somewhere rainy, purchase a rain scented candle and burn it. Yes, I got this idea from work. 🙂 Anything we as writers can do to keep inspired and creative (as long as it is not harmful in any way) should be considered.

The Paperback Writer



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