The Paperback Writer Goes to Colorado

I have ventured into a new land–one very different from my native New England, one with mountains, puffy clouded skies, and dry air. Here is a glimpse of my adventures.

pikes peak mountain top 1

We drove to the very top of Pike’s Peak. My favorite things about it was that it was so cold I was able to wear my hoodie, that it was beautiful, and that I was able to share this unique experience with my soulmate.

pikes peak mountain top 2

garden of the gods  view

We briefly visited Garden of The Gods. Here is the breathtaking view from the visitor’s center.

bridge sky

Another clear, gorgeous day in Colorado at the Royal Gorge. I chose to not cross the bridge…but…

the paperback writer me

I was able to sit and enjoy the weather while I worked on my book following The Paperback Writer of Central Park. My skin and lips were very dry–if you do visit Colorado, please bring lots of lotion and chapstick.

me and giraffe

Another neat thing that we did was go to the zoo. Clint paid for me to feed the giraffes and the rhinos. Here I am with one of the giraffes. There are seventeen altogether.


A tired and hot Zebra.

cute elephant

We watched the elephants for a while. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has several, most of them much older than I am (elephants live for a long time.) They did normal elephant things, like poop, eat grass, and play.

Crazy pizza guy

I call this “The Crazy Pizza Guy.” It’s actually a really cool mural in this amazing pizza place called Pizza Madness in Canon City, Colorado. He’s a dead ringer for Elvis, and loves to chomp on pizza…

pizza mural

Here’s more of the striking mural. The place had a very artsy 80’s/early 90’s feel. Very much reminded me of Mystic Carousel in Mystic, CT before they made the unfortunate decision to tear it down. They also had arcade games, and…

Pizza madness spaceship

A space ship stuck into the wall! Call Scully and Mulder 🙂

pizza madness menu

Ze menu. The pizza is excellent, portions are huge. I was very impressed, but I will say if you are someone who likes heavy sauce this may not be the place for you. Their pizza is more toppings than sauce. Honestly delicious.

the cabin side view

The second place we stayed was very photogenic so I took many pictures. I will share a few with you. This is the back/side of the cabin, overlooking the mountains.

cabin trees

More of the view, please enjoy 🙂

my shoes

My feet. I was roaming around taking photos while Clint was making dinner.

record player.jpg

We found an amazing record player–and I took the liberty of playing the Carpenters over and over.

carpenters record

Reputable album, please give it a listen.

Our trip to Colorado was lovely, and I think my favorite part of it was not the mountains or the things that we saw–but spending time with Clint watching movies and just being together. Nothing makes me happier than doing just that. We watched the first six episodes of Jeeves and Wooster, Pete’s Dragon.







  1. Adam Pitcher · June 29, 2016

    Looks like you had a great time and those are some wonderful pics. The mountains look amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Paperback Writer · June 30, 2016

    Thank you! 🙂


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