My thoughts about Ruby Sparks


A Paperback Writer Review


Ruby Sparks is a neat little film starring Zoe Kazan (also the writer) and boyfriend-actor Paul Dano. For those of you who have never heard of Paul Dano, please go rent anything with him in it. He is an incredible young indie actor who shows his talent in the diverse characters that he plays. And very importantly, he was the actor who played Pierre Bezukhov in BBC’s War and Peace this year. He is also incredibly good looking.

Getting back to Ruby Sparks, it tells the  story of an author who in suffering writer’s block invents the girl of his dreams through the story he is writing. One morning, she shows up in his kitchen. I enjoyed the film very much because of the quality acting on all accounts, the very clever story, and I could identify with Paul Dano’s character Calvin.

Seeing him type away at his Olympia typewriter made my fingers itch and need to write (yes, it’s a serious condition) and witnessing the free-spirited relationship between Calvin and Ruby reminded me that we need to be more light hearted.

One more thing I wanted to mention as a bit of my own advice; if you are suffering writer’s block–write what you know. It may seem obvious, but the best stories and literary work comes from what we know. This can be on many different levels, and not always personal. If you are a history buff–write about that. If you happen to be a fantasy aficionado, create your own world with elements from your life. That is what makes it unique, because it comes from you. Treat every piece of work that you do like your child. Take pride in it, nuture it, and then set it free into the book world.


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