New Material for Wysteria series

New sketch for Wysteria Series by Stella Brians

I am writing a YA fantasy series, that began with The Paperback Writer of Central Park, about two writers who become successful as indie authors in New York City. They decide to move to Mystic, Connecticut and live in a downtown cottage. In their attic, purposely concealed in the entrance to a dimension called Wysteria. There the adventure begins, leading into the next book–which focuses on a young man who trespasses into Wysteria upon invitation of a very fluffy cat called Rowan.

The “intruder’s” name is Milo, and he is a very shy young writer. Alas, no more shall be said–writers are never to give away plotlines and secrets. I have been working on concept art and character sketches, and wanted to share one with you. Keep in mind that I do not have a scanner, but I work with what I have.



All copyrighted, and is the property of Stella Brians.



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