Earth Dreams, A Poem by Stella Brians

River’s Poem– “Earth Dreams.”

*A poem written for my New England novel series


By Stella Brians



I have dreams, within dreams

Of climbing to the highest mountain

Or venturing into the deepest forest

Where the ancestors of my mother used to hunt,

Fish, and know the wild intimately


I believe that my soul has known the open skies  before

And I wish to disappear into it

Far and away, gone from Sunday dinners

Office buildings, and the watchful Amherst eye

I want to evaporate into the sky


To come back to the Earth as rain or trees

Depression that may be, or realization that has not

Yet found society

People like me live in secluded cabins, trailers on the outskirt

Of town

I want to meet another kindred soul, and to touch her face,

Her heart. I want her to know that I have found the key to her heart–





  1. moriartti · June 4, 2016

    Your poems are beautiful.


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