Self, An Essay

Self, An Essay

Indie Writer Opinions

by Stella Brians

Many people follow a weather beaten path that is easy to walk upon, and one that does not require much thought or self development. Also, many others are  a product of the broken dreams of their parents, or themselves. Example, your mother may have always wanted to become an author or a teacher but had to give up that dream because she had you. Or because for whatever reason, she just couldn’t so she didn’t. This scenario can be applied to either sex. We then internalize this failures, or we deeply internalize the environment in which we were brought up in and it makes the person. Either way can be harshly negative. The first one is certain to be, but as for the second–it depends on the environment in which you are nurtured. I have decided to write this essay as a personal observation–that I have internalized–of today’s people.

It seems to me, that the environment we live, work, and thrive in tends to be rather negative, and that we are surrounded by vain and shallow people. It would be unfair to blame this on Millennials, or Generation X, because it is the fault of human nature. Although people are separate as bodies, and souls (which are actually one soul in the very end) as a species we have the tendency to act very sheeple manner. We gossip, promote slander, hurt and antagonize each other, and compete. The trouble with competing is that we are all on a separate soul path, that is simply incomparable. It is wrong to compare life choices, religious beliefs, and so on.

To return to my original thought; when did everyone lose the sense of themselves, and the respect for that person? Why do people engage in so many negative acts; lying, stealing, speaking poorly of others, and so forth? We need to care for others as we care for ourselves. However, the problem could lie in the fact that many of us do not have love for ourselves, and therefore develop a similar dislike for our common man.

The first step is to eliminate the negative people and situations in our lives, so that we are no longer a part of a harmful environment. Most of the “fixing” begins with us, not others. Buddhism will teach you this, along with any reputable meditation process. It is time that we disconnect from the fast paced world, and reconnect to our selves. We must put aside the negative beliefs about ourselves that we have held onto since childhood. Much of this healing can begin with visualization, and affirmation of a better life–and a better us. We must reconnect with the selves we have lost, through that job promotion, underneath the designer clothes, and the idealistic views of our peers.

Consider this quote by Max Ehrmann–

“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

Begin with the goal of your improved self, whatever that is for you. The most clear and effective way to do this, is to paint or draw yourself as you wish to be. Put it somewhere you will see each day, like your bedroom mirror for example.

At the start, this will be extremely difficult because you are trying to still work through the negative soup that had flooded your subconscious for some time.

At this point, you will begin to affirm yourself as an improved being that no longer hurts others with words, actions, and thoughts. Or, perhaps it is you who has been hurt.

Part of this process is about embracing your new self. Do what feels uplifting, be the change that you need to feel and experience. For me, this would be through artistic expression. You must find what is right for you.

Once you feel that you have disconnected from harmful thought, and you feel as though you are ready for change–meditate as much as you can. I would suggest trying a meditation retreat (something I have always longed to do) with people who can guide you through your personal struggles on a spiritual or personal level. Find a mentor, someone who is aligned with your spiritual path, or perhaps one that is non spiritual.

It is simple for me to look at my life and the life of others, and partition for change.I feel that if no one at least tries, then we as a people will continue down this negative path. Instead of aligning ourselves with the needs of the material world, it is helpful to turn away from that and to look within ourselves. Let us focus on healing ourselves, and then looking to how we can help others.

This is how The Paperback Writer came about. I want to help, inspire, and encourage other indie writers, or just old souls who understand me.


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