In My Grandmother’s Day, a poem by Nolo Segundo

By: Nolo Segundo

Nana told me once
How she and Pop-pop
Went courting in a
Horse and buggy.

How quaint I thought,
And was a just a bit
Amazed how far we
Humans have gone—
From a smelly plodding
Horse to crossing a vast
Ocean in an afternoon
While six miles high.

Then Grandma told me
Something shocking:
She said they went out
In that carriage to make
Love! Nana! I gasped to
Myself, until I saw she
Meant the words literally.

My grandparents went
Courting to make the
Love that would hold
Them together for
Sixty-three years…
And I am here
Because two young
People took long
Buggy rides behind a
Tired, smelly horse.

c. 2014 len carber


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