I Died As A Child, a poem by Nolo Segundo

I Died As A Child

By: Nolo Segundo

I died as a child,
Or so I suspect,
And my child-soul
Flew to the very
Sweetest heaven,
Where all children
Play joyfully with
The child of God,
Who loves us as
He did on earth.

When I came to
This life many years
Ago, Jesus was still
My best friend, my
Nightly prayers more
Conversations, like
‘How was your day?
Mine was o.k.’

But my prayer
To his Father
Was simple and
Constant: O Lord,
Let me live till my
Next birthday—or
Christmas, if that
Comes sooner.
Then you can take
Me Lord, I just want
To get my presents.

As a child, I never
Knew of a child who
Died, and I never
Told anyone about my
Secret prayer. And
I was not afraid of
Dying—how could I
Be, when all it meant
Was going home to
See my very best


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