An interview with young indie writer, Daniel Baldwin

The Paperback Writer interviews Daniel Baldwin, a young indie writer!

You have written thirteen books so far, please tell me about your top two?

Well, all of them are very dear to my heart, but my favorite books that I have written is a book on the multiverse, and a book about a future where humanity had gone extinct and birds now ruled next to other animals. I chose these two because it was such a fantastic writing process and I loved every part of them. I won’t lie, I cried a little when I finished.

What is the general genre that you write, and what inspires you to do so?

I write science fiction and fantasy adventure. I mainly write it because fiction and other genres bore me most of the time. Books are supposed to send us to another world where anything is possible.

Please tell PBW  about your Minecraft fanfiction.

The Minecraft fan fiction is about Herobrine (Minecraft fans know who that is) entering the real world to find half of a code that will destroy our world if combined with the other half, him.

Ever since childhood, you wanted to become a writer. From what you told me, this was mainly influenced by experiences you had in school. Did you have anyone in your life that inspired or encouraged you to pursue writing?

There was no single person that inspired or encouraged me, instead it was multiple people that encouraged me, including myself, my father, and the people who read my work.

What are some other interests you have besides writing, and are they at all related?

My other hobbies include gaming and creating, that’s really all I do.

How do you best become inspired?

I get inspiration from dreams and boredom. When I’m bored I create scenarios in my head that are typically ridiculous -guy dies because he did not have mayo in his house is my favorite scenario I created — sometimes they have helped me though.

Your day job is very different from your writing. What is your favorite thing about it?

I really don’t like my job, but it does give me hours to write or take notes.

What was it like growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas?

Growing up here in central Arkansas was the same way it was for a lot of people I guess. I played outside, had hard times, good times, exciting times, and done it all with my siblings.

You are the type of person that is happiest when in constant creation, which is pretty awesome. What keeps you so motivated?

To be honest I struggle to motivate myself at times. I remember I quit writing for a year once. But what keeps me motivated is the constant flow of ideas that pops into my mind.

Recently you have started writing scripts, please tell PBW more about that?

Writing scripts; I still can’t tell how I feel about it, I love it, but I’m not sure I am writing them correctly. I have two movies and a TV series in mind and I can’t tell if I’m ready for it. Bottom line its totally different and a new experience which is great in of itself.

Finally, what advice do you have for other young writers?

To all writers out there, there’s a universe of ideas within us all, tapping into that is the key to writing and you’d be surprised how easy that can be. Also, keeping your inner child is very important.

About the Writer


I was born in 1997 in Nashville Tennessee and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. I hope to become a professional writer. I’ve written many stories and have many more to tell. I spend my time playing video games and creating a few. I constantly plan ahead and am confident if I keep my inner child my dreams will come true and be a success.

One place you can read a very rough draft of my multiverse book is here:


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