Dance on The Earth

Dance on The Earth
by Stella Brians

Dreams are but what they seem
A goal to work towards
A vision in your mind
That you want to hold in your hands

No one can impede you
Anyone can try to patronize you
The shrew of a woman you work with
A disapproving in law

But only you
Know what is right for you
And only you
Can keep fighting
For that cabin in the woods
Under New England stars
For the freedom to be with him
For all of the novels you want to write

Life isn’t actually pain
It is only stubborn
You are a loved child of the universe
and you always find your way
You will always land on your feet
But you have to believe in your heart
What he sees, loves, and knows to be true
About you

Use the Universe as your guiding star
It will get you through the long night drive
The health issues
the anxiety
the tears
and the joys

Never stop dancing on the Earth
And writing
And believing
And loving
And seeing


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