You, a poem by Stella Brians

Copyright 2016 Stella Brians

Forever I’ve loved you
Before I knew your name, or what city skyline you looked into
Forever I’ve known that it will always be the two of us, I just didn’t know the space or time
You even love me with my hellion ways
And take me in your arms, forever protected
There are times, when I’m mad as fire
Or drowning in the flood of my own depression
You care always.
All I have to do is feel for your hand in
The dark
Fingers brushing until sewn together
Hearts and stars cross, we stand side by side
This life we have chosen before we were
Mortals on this earth
We chose to find each other, and we will again and again
The moments that pass between us were but a second of the golden age of forever, and it felt like every sun filled star in the New England night sky.
Inside my heart sings with joy that I have finally found my way
Home, into your soul



  1. Anthony Maulucci · April 2, 2016

    Nice imagery! I like “fingers brushing until sewn together,” You might want to rethink “stars cross” as it evokes “star-crossed lovers” from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.


    • paperbackwriterlife · April 4, 2016

      Thank you, I’m so glad that you liked it! I will review any errors in the final edit. 🙂 I always loved Romeo and Juliet.


  2. Nolo Segundo · April 16, 2016

    This is lovely, for it takes me into the poet’s heart, nay, her soul, and that is why art, true art, is always a gift.

    Liked by 1 person

    • paperbackwriterlife · April 17, 2016

      Thank you, I am pleased that you liked my poem! It is about my significant other, Clint 🙂


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