Character Sketches, Quite Literally


So, I don’t have a scanner. What I do have is a cellphone with a camera that I put to good use in place of a scanner. These are two character sketches I did of Elizabeth and River from The Paperback Writer of Central Park. They are  both concept art for the story, which I may use at some point so please don’t steal them. You are by all means welcome to enjoy them here, however. Which brings me to another point–if you have any writing that is accompanied by artwork, please feel free to submit to

Copyright, 2016 Stella Brians



Elizabeth is the main character. She is in her early twenties, and has spent seven years living in New  York City hostels before publishing her first novel and having rather splendid adventures. I don’t want to reveal the plot of course 🙂


River is the other main character in my novel, he is a new age starving writer who rarely goes far without his guitar. He and Elizabeth fall in love, and are awesome together. I can never decide which of them I like more.


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