Racing The River, a Poem by Lesley Debacco


Thank you to Lesley Debacco, for your poetry contribution to The Paperback Writer!

Racing the River

By Lesley Debacco

I race against the flowing water,

Mother Nature’s mysterious daughter.

Gentle ripples but dangers curves,

Can make the bravest person lose their nerve.

Running along the river,

Gives a strange feeling…a shiver.

The river flows with truth that many overlook.

Others ignore the calling of the brook.

So as I race against the river wide,

I know I can always challenge the water and its tide.

Darting among the rapids white.

The race gets tight.

As I reach the cascade and the water falls,

The race ends for now until…once again the river calls.


If you love this poem, read The Paperback Writer’s interview with Lesley Debacco!


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