Create Your Plan Towards Publication

Create Your Plan Towards Publication

by Stella Brians

If you have a novel in progress, and you are concerned about being able to finish it–stop right where you are.

Make a publication plan, today. Don’t wait until tomorrow, or wish you had begun yesterday. Tell yourself that you can do this. Because you can.  One of the greatest blockades writers face is that they tell themselves that they can’t, and then they let those fears dominate.

You can finish your novel/memoir/book of poetry, or whatever it may be.

Do what it takes, for you. Everyone is different, and knowing what works for you is imperative. If it means reading an inspiring book, attending a writing workshop every week, or pairing up with a friend or relative that can help you do it! Whatever it is, do it.

My advice

Sometimes, I turn to the characters in my book for inspiration. They are driven, confident, and brilliant. My main character, Elizabeth Stutton would never, ever give up. In the beginning of the book, she has been living in New York City hostels for seven years, in order to work on and complete her novel. I take from her bravery and determination, and I tell myself that I can do it. I always make time for writing, even if things in life get busy. NYC can be a scary place, and has the ability to lead to some very dark places both in the mind and in person. If you have ever been there, or seen such films as Panic in Needle Park, or Jacob’s Ladder, there is a good chance that you understand what I mean.

Map out a monthly plan, and plan your novel’s events chapter by chapter.

Do things that  you enjoy, so that you don’t become burnt out or overwhelmed. When I lived in New England, I used to live nearby  to this absolutely beautiful cemetery. For years I went there to relax, walk around, and de-stress. Find what works for you, if you haven’t already.

Our Plan

Let’s make a plan to finish our book within six to twelve months (whichever is more realistic to you, you may only have a chapter and another person may have twenty chapters.) This will work whether you are self publishing or traditionally publishing, because the drive comes from you.

It’s time to set goals, and take control of our dream of becoming an author.

Good luck everyone!

Please comment down below if you have any questions or need help!


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