Rose Garden Park


Rose Garden Park

By Stella Brians

Sunlight sleeps in the earthen soil, until the sun urges it awake

To rise above the secret park

In hopes that visitors have found their way back home

Once a usual park, with lamp post lined pathways and cozy

Wooden benches for reading, it has been forgotten

And haunted by memories only the trees remember

Trees have long memories and sensitive hearts

Grass hasen’t grown in years, it is frozen over with morning dew

The afternoons never came to warm it up

Because the park is a secret, hidden away

And out of balance.

Only morning and night exist here, so it is a very cold place

To get into the actual garden

You must pass under the thorn rose archways

And climb the stone steps to the abandoned courtyard

Sodden with beautiful fountains that have been dried up for years

Here grass grows, animals prowl and life almost seems normal

But it has been waiting in transfixed  solitary


Except for the wind blowing through the empty spaces in trees

The motionless pond, and the exquisite thorny rose garden

Tucked away behind a door to tomorrow that opens into yesterday


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