Teach Yourself To Write Fiction

Many of us indie writers are self taught, and we’re damn good at what we do. For the writer just starting out, I want to recommend a handy little book that I used back when I was a new writer.


You can learn how to write great stories with this practical guide.

THE FICTION WRITERS HANDBOOK by Anthony S. Maulucci, author of seven published works of fiction

“After earning an MA in writing and literature at Wesleyan University, I taught English and creative writing at various universities in Connecticut for over 20 years. During that time I also conducted yearly summer fiction writing workshops for adults. My methods for teaching people how to write short stories and novels developed out of these workshops. My exercises and techniques for creating living characters and compelling plots were forged in the crucible of the classroom.

“I streamlined the entire approach to creative writing in my workshops for busy professional adults who wanted to explore their potential but who didn’t want to waste their free time on ineffective ideas.  They played and experimented, but they had a clear purpose and a definite objective in mind.

“One of the most formidable stumbling blocks for beginning writers is stalling part-way into a story because they don’t know where their story is headed. The method I devised to overcome this is very simple – if you start with the ending, then you know where your story is going, and everything falls into place. Even if the ending changes during the writing process – and most likely it will – you at least have a goal to aim for.”

 “This book has proved truly helpful to a novice writer. Unlike some others of its genre it is also a good read. I’m sure I shall keep returning to it when I get to the point of submitting my work to magazines or entering writing competitions.” An Amazon UK Review


by Anthony Maulucci, MA (Wesleyan University)

Offering advice and exercises developed over 20 years in
Maulucci’s private creative writing workshops in Connecticut,
The Fiction Writer’s Handbook uses a streamlined approach
to show you how to create vivid characters and a compelling
story line.

Available from Amazon in both print and Kindle editions,
The Fiction Writer’s Handbook will help you write the kind
of stories you love to read.

The essay “Discovering Your True Writer’s Voice” is included in the Kindle e- book
and can be read for free when you use Amazon’s Look Inside feature.

Now also available for the Nook 



FWH cover ebook


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